Recién ahora, después de 48 hs casi seguidas de muy duro trabajo, estoy empezando a funcionar con el ordenador (o computadora); todavía me quedan otras 24 o 48 hs. más aún…

Ubuntu desarrolló su nueva versión que colgó (o tildó) mi sistema, siguiendo los pasos de Microsoft en la evolución “touch”, y así reventó la maravilla del Linux, en su ahorro de memoria y en su gestión del hardware tan precisa y económica.

Retrocedí a la versión anterior, ya que no pude desinstalar la actualización nueva, formateando por completo el disco duro, y reinstalando por entero la penúltima versión, que es la que todavía estoy instalando.

Why “Xenial Xerus” spend twice memory than “Wily Werewolf” and make Ram memory overflow?

Why “Xenial Xerus” (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) does not work properly and make Ram memory overflow, while “Wily Werewolf” (Ubuntu 15.10 LTS) work right?

Xenial Xerus is spending to start more that twice amount of Ram memory than Wily Werewolf!

I want to work again with Wily Werewolf!

Does anybody know how to uninstall Xenial Xerus to get back again Wily Werewolf?

Now, I have erased my HD’s computer at all! And I am installing now in a hard work again from the beginning, the Wily Werewolf’s Linux (Ubuntu 15.10 LTS) and all my programs and utilities!

I will not install never anymore Xenial Xerus!

Only now, after almost 48 hours followed by hard work, I’m starting to work with my computer; I still have another 24 or 48 hours of hard work!

I stepped back to the previous version, as I could not uninstall the new update, completely formatting the hard drive and reinstalling entirely the penultimate version “Wily Werewolf” (Ubuntu 15.10 LTS), which is what I’m still installing with his applications and programs…

Ubuntu has developed its new version “Xenial Xerus” that hung my system, following in the footsteps of Microsoft in the “touch” evolution, and so it has broken the wonder of Linux, in its memory savings, and their accurate and economical hardware’s management…

Competing with Microsoft is the worst thing that could do Canonical, because it is losing loyal fans like myself!

Since only there will be updates to the “Xenial Xerus” (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS), and will be no more updates “Wily Werewolf” (Ubuntu 15.10 LTS), I will continue working without updating, or I’ll work instead with Linux Mint or Linux Mate, or more better, directly with Debian…

This is the worst mistake of Mark Shuttleworth, as president and founder of Canonical Ltd, because he is demolishing his own creation…!

http://askubuntu .com/q/763247/535767

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